02 July 2010

The Cupcakes/Les Cupcakes

A little piece of advice for Sunday: you may want to skip breakfast and lunch to prepare yourself for what's in store at Cupcake Camp.....Here's the line-up of our over 1500 cupcakes:

Les gens, un petit conseil: arrivez affamé ce dimanche....Ce que vous attendez? Plus de 1500 cupcakes:

Lemon Meringue, Beauty Cakes
Banana-Peanut butter, Marshmallow, choc., Little Miss Cupcake
Carrot Cake with lime frosting, Elo les Cupcakes
Double Chocolate, JenCrafted
Cheesecake, Tea Cupcakes
Banana Nutella, Beauty Cakes
Gaga Cherry, Where is Bryan?
White Choc-Raspberry, I Love Cupcakes
Assorted, Synie's Cupcakes
Margarita, Wheels & Lollipops
Chocolate & Vanilla, Wendy & Sophie
Rose, Ricotta, Rasp., Frosted Envy
Saffron Pistachio with Pandanas, Frosted Envy
Pistachio-Rose, Mireille

Pistache Rasberry, Beauty Cakes
After Eight, Little Miss Cupcake
Toblerone, Beauty Cakes
Profiterole, Rebuilding Haiti Now
Assortment, Il Gelato
Carmelized banane and Chantilly, Elo les Cupcakes
Assorted, Synie's Cupcakes
Brownie-Raspberry Surprise, Lost in Cheeseland
Assorted, Wedding Cakes Avenue
Lemon Date, Where is Bryan?
Red, white & blue, Wheels & Lollipops
Verveine-Peach, Cafe Creme
Choco-Choco or Vanilla-Choc-Coco, Fabienne
Vanilla-Vanilla, Maxine
White Chocolate - Limoncello, Maxine

Chocolate Fennel, Sweet Pea Baking
Vanilla Speculoos, La Lettre Gourmande
Lemon Yogurt, JenCrafted
Cosmopolitan, Little Miss Cupcake
Coconut Bounty, Cupcakista
Carrot Cake, Mary
White chocolate blueberry, Cooking Chomp
Banana Nutella, Where is Bryan?
Almond Joy, Jenni Does Dessert
Smores, Jenni Does Dessert
Mango-Passion-Lemon, Claudia
Yellow Cake, Wheels & Lollipops
Chocolate, Rebecca
Watermelon Wasabi, Frosted Envy
Fig Lavender Honey with Goat Cheese, Frosted Envy
Chocolate-White Chocolate, Claudia

Green tea-white chocolate, Sweet Pea Baking
Red Velvet, Elo les Cupcakes
Rose-White Chocolate, Little Miss Cupcake
Speculoos, Cafe Creme
Chocolate Chesnut, La Lettre Gourmande
Strawberry Basalmic, Amanda
Coconut, I Love Cupcakes
Caffe Latte, Sylvie
Mango-White Chocolate-Coconut, Sylvie
Matcha - Cream Cheese, iPhood
Raspberry Ganache, iPhood
Poppy Seed, Me and my RC
Pecan-Maple, Cafe Creme

Dark Chocolate, Beauty Cakes
Strawberry-Orange-Lemon Curd, Little Miss Cupcake
Pandan Cupcakes, JenCrafted
Banana Spice, La Lettre Gourmande
Dulce de Leche, Tea Cupcakes
Chocolate Cookies, Sabrina & Agathe
Pineapple & Coconut, Where is Bryan?
Chocolate - Vanilla or Cafe, Laila
Fruit de la Passion-Choco, La Petite Tartine
Pina Colada, La Petite Tartine
Woodstock BN Fraise, Josephine
Red Velvet, Josephine
Cherry Almond, Cali Girl
4th of July, Cali Girl

Orange Nutella, Cooking Chomp
Toffee Caramel, Cali Girl
Chocolate Cherry, Cali Girl
Strawberry, Beauty Cakes
Lemon Meringue, Tea Cupcakes
100% Chocolat, Marwa
Almond Chocolate, Where is Bryan?
Mint-Chocolate Ganache, Where is Bryan?
Green Tea, Sabrina & Agathe
ExotiCup, Sabrina & Agathe
Rum, Coffee, Coconut, Severine
Cinnamon-Peanut Butter, Severine
Basil, Severine
Carrot Cake, Mon Ami Vie


  1. Hi Cat,

    Just sent you an email... Sorry about that...

    Thanks for putting me on at the end so that I can take pictures easily up until then... : ) See you Sunday!

  2. Wouah !!! Incroyable, le paradis pour les gourmands !
    J'ai hate d'être à dimanche, j'espère pouvoir en goûter moi aussi
    See you :)