30 September 2012

Contest Registration/Inscription pour les Concours

Bakers, are you ready for the contest themes? We are so excited to see what you come up with this year!!! We are still in the midst of lining up our judges but you will definitely see some familiar faces if you have participated in our contests before. Here is what you need to know if you plan on participating in a contest this year:

You must supply at least 12 regular sized cupcakes for each contest you are entering (several will be presented to the judges and any remaining cupcakes will be distributed to the crowd).

The contests will begin at 1:30PM promptly. Please arrive roughly 10-15 minutes beforehand; if you are not on time, we will be unable to judge your cupcakes. Winners will be announced at the opening of Cupcake Camp around 3:30 PM.

You must sign up if you want to compete in a contest. Limit 2 contests per baker please. Follow the links below to sign up:

Most Horrifying, Halloween-Inspired Cupcake

Best Parisian Cupcake

Cupcake with the Most Exotic/Unusual Ingredient

Best Spirit (made with alcohol) Infused Cupcake

You will receive an email about 1 week before Cupcake Camp Paris III confirming your registration and providing additional details about the contest. Okay, let's get ready to rumble.......

Les patissiers, vous etes prets pour les themes de concours? Nous sommes impatients de vous retrouver au Cupcake Camp avec vos belles creations! Nous sommes toujours en train de finaliser la liste de juges mais il y aura certainement ceux qui vous reconnaissez des editions precedentes.

Quelques infos sur les concours...Il faut faire au moins 12 cupcakes de taille normale pour chaque concours pour lequel vous allez vous inscrire (dont quelques uns pour les juges et les autres vont etre distribues aux participants de Cupcake Camp).

Les concours commenceront à 13H30 précis (arrivez 10-15 minutes en avance SVP). Il faut etre a l'heure sinon on ne peux pas assurer votre participation. Les gagnant(e)s seront annoncé(e)s lors de l'ouverture de Cupcake Camp vers 15H30.

Il faut s'inscrire en avance pour les concours en suivant les liens dessous (limite 2 concours par patissier):

Le Cupcake Le Plus Effrayant, Inspiré par Halloween

Le Cupcake Le Plus Parisien

L'Ingredient Le Plus Inattendu/Le Parfum Le Plus Exotique

Meilleur Cupcake Infusé à L'Alcool

Environ une semaine avant Cupcake Camp Paris III, vous allez recevoir un email avec la confirmation de votre participation et quelques derniers details. 1, 2, 3 c'est partiiiiiii.....

Photo: Sugar Daze

29 September 2012

A Word from Our Sponsors: COlunching.com

Frédéric de Bourguet is the man behind COlunching.com, one of our generous sponsors for Cupcake Camp Paris.  For every person that signs up online for Cupcake Camp via COlunching, Fred will match their payment as a donation to the Make a Wish, so sign up quick! Go go go!

Let’s hear what Fred, and his avowed sweet tooth, think about cupcakes...

CC: So what is your favorite pastry in Paris (or France) that’s not the cupcake (if there is one!)?
FD: Pierre Hermé macaron Mogador ... (Bakery Magnolia whoopie cookie and mini cupcakes when in NY!).

CC: Your favorite cupcake flavor?
FD: Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate

CC: Why?
FD: Because it is my favorite "fruit."

CC: What is more important to you, icing or the cake?
FD: The tastes have to match the looks, but the icing because it’s sweeter!

24 September 2012

A Word from Our Sponsors: Kasia Dietz Bags

This year, yet again, Paris-based designer Kasia Dietz will be bringing a special creation as a prize for the 3rd edition of Cupcake Camp Paris!  We thought we’d take a moment to ask Kasia a few questions about cupcakes, Cupcake Camp, and what kind of bag she’ll be donating this year!
CC: So what’s your favorite pastry in Paris?
KD: Le macaron.

CC: Your favorite cupcake flavor?
KD: Red Velvet with vanilla icing.

CC: Any particular reason why?
KD: Just the right amount of decadence.

CC: What's more important, the icing or the cake?
KD: Definitely the icing!

19 September 2012

Cupcake Camp VIP Entry Pack with COlunching.com

This year, as a sponsor, the dining network site COlunching.com will graciously be helping raise money yet again for Cupcake Camp Paris.  By signing up on the site for the event “COCupcaking at Cupcake Camp,” participants can benefit from the VIP entry pack available for October 27th.
The best part is that for your prepayment of 12.50 , COlunching will match your contribution, so for each VIP member 25€ will be donated to Make a Wish.

The VIP pack includes an empty cupcake box and 4 tickets you can exchange for 4 cupcakes among the hundreds available. You’ll also get 1 ticket for the raffle - winners can enter to win one of dozens of donated prizes like a walking tour led by a professional anywhere in Europe from Context Travel, a wine tasting at OCheateau, or a hand-crafted bag from Kasia Dietz.

Most importantly, you can have access to the cupcakes 30 minutes before the event opens to the public, giving you first crack at the cupcakes.  If you want to come later, there will also be a VIP express line that lets you enter immediately with your box ready to be filled. Some great perks!

Entry to Cupcake Camp Paris is free -- come on in, browse, have a drink if you'd like. If you want to eat cupcakes though or participate in the raffle, you must buy either the VIP Pack through COlunching.com or purchase a welcome pack at the door. We will be offering 2 different welcome packs inside Le Comptoir General: silver or bronze.

14 September 2012


It's here - Our Cupcake Camp Paris III poster is finished and ready to print! Thanks to Christina Smith for the fabulous design! If you haven't guessed Cupcake Camp Paris III is going to be a special Halloween edition and we encourage attendees to dress up in their scariest costumes.

If you haven't RSVPed yet, click this link.

And if you would like to attend as a baker, you need to sign up here.

Et volia -- l'affiche pour Cupcake Camp Paris III. Merci a Christina Smith qui nous a crée ce chef-d'œuvre! Si vous n'avez pas rendu compte deja, Cupcake Camp Paris III sera une edition speciale Halloween! Donc, on demande aux participants de se rendre au Comptoir Generale habiller dans leurs deguisements les plus effrayants!

Si vous souhaitez assister, SVP RSVP ici.

Si vous voulez nous apporter des cupcakes, l'enregistrement de patissiers est par ici.

08 September 2012

Baker Registration Open/Enregistrement de Patissiers Par Ici

All bakers (novice, amateur and professional) are welcome to bring cupcakes to share with the crowd. Please note, bakers agree to donate their cupcakes to the event organizers; no cupcakes are to be sold by individual participants at Cupcake Camp.

To register, click here


Cupcake Camp Paris ouvre ses portes aux pâtissiers de tout calibre – du professionnel au génie créatif, en passant par l’enthousiaste débutant. Notez bien, les cupcakes emportes par les patissiers ne seront pas à vendre le jour de Cupcake Camp mais à partager avec tout le monde gratuitement.

Pour enregistrer, merci de completer le formulaire ici Photo Credit: Novwiskie