05 July 2010

We Came, We Saw, We Cupcaked!

Wow! WOW! What a day! 50 bakers, 1600+ cupcakes, 7 contests, 4 hours and more attendees than you could shake a stick at (a little over 250 to be exact)! There are many many many people that need to be thanked:

* The Bakers
* The Sponsors
* The Judges (Marie of MarieLuvPink, Heather of Secrets of Paris, Synie of Synie's Cupcakes, Lindsey of Lost in Cheeseland, Bryan on Where is Bryan & Merce and the Muse, Lynda of Wedding Cakes Avenue, Alisa of Sweet Pea Baking, Kacee & Elizabeth of Le Best of Paris, and Ruthy of Beauty Cakes).
* Mika, Thomas and the team at Bistrot Vivienne
* The Volunteers who pitched in and kept everything running smoothly

And everyone who came out to show their support. We raised over 1200 euros for our charity, Rebuilding Haiti Now.

We hope you enjoyed it. We hope you ate lots of cupcakes!

We have started a Flickr pool where we would love to see any and all pictures taken from the event.

And by the way, we are sorry the contests ran late. The judges were still deliberating at 8PM long after everyone went home. Without further ado, here are the winners....Congratulations all!

Le Best of Paris: Stephane from Rebuilding Haiti Now and his amazing Profiterole cupcakes.
Most American: Josephine and her adorable Red Velvet Cupcakes (that's not Josephine but that is her winning cupcake pictured below).

The Best Cupcake by a Baker Under 16: Sophie and her delicious Orange Butter Bomb cupcakes.
Best Pop Culture Inspired: Cat of Sugar Daze and her sexy Sex & the City inspired Cosmopolitan cupcakes.

Best Summer-Inspired: Nicolette of Cafe Creme and those luscious Verveine Peach cupcakes.

Most Exotic/Unexpected Ingredient : Claudia's "Passion Paradise" which exquisitely combined mango, lemoncurd and cream cheese.
People's Choice: Laila and her mouthwatering Guinness Kisses minis!

And a big congratulations to Sabrina who won our drawing and took home the 177 piece Wilton Ultimate Cake Decorator set!

Thanks again so much to everyone who participated and made this day possible! We look forward to seeing you all next year.......

Wow! WOW! Quelle journee! 50 patissiers, 1600+ cupcakes, 7 concours, 4 heures et beaucoup, beaucoup des invitees (un peu plus de 250 gens)! Il faut d'abord remercier:

Les Patissiers
Les Juges (Marie of MarieLuvPink, Heather of Secrets of Paris, Synie of Synie's Cupcakes, Lindsey of Lost in Cheeseland, Bryan on Where is Bryan & Merce and the Muse, Lynda of Wedding Cakes Avenue, Alisa of Sweet Pea Baking, Kacee & Elizabeth of Le Best of Paris, and Ruthy of Beauty Cakes).
Nos Partenaires
Mika, Thomas et leur equipe au Bistrot Vivienne
Les Volontaires

Et un grand merci a tout ceux et celles qui sont venus. En esperant que vous avez trouve votre bonheur et sont rentres chez vous bien satisfaits par tous les cupcakes degustes! Grace a vous, on fera un don au Rebuilding Haiti Now de plus de 1200 euros.

Nous avons cree un page sur flickr pour partager les photos de Cupcake Camp Paris 2010. SVP ajoutez les votres.

Apres beaucoup de deliberation (et quelques heures de presentation -- desoles pour le retard), on felicite les gagnants de nos concours:

Le Best of Paris: Stephane de Rebuilding Haiti Now et les cupcakes Profiterole.
Le Plus Americain: Josephine et les cupcakes "Rouge Velours" facon USA.
Le Meilleur Cupcake par un patissier de moins de 16 ans: Sophie et les cupcakes Oranges-Bombes de Beurre.
Le Meilleur Pop Culture: Cat de Sugar Daze et les cupcakes Cosmopolitan inspire par Sex & the City.
Le Meilleur Isnpire par l'Ete: Nicolette de Cafe Creme et les cupcakes Verveine-Peche.
Le Cupcake Le Plus Exotique: Les cupcakes "Passion Paradise" de Claudia -- mangue, citron et fromage frais.
Choix de la Publique: Laila et les cupcakes faits avec la biere Guinness!

Et felicitations a Sabrina qui a gagne le tirage au sort pour l'ultime kit "Decoration de Gateau" de Wilton.

Un grand merci a tous les participants et a la prochaine..... :P

Photos Courtesy of Lost in Cheeseland, Island Girl 4Ever, La Mariee aux Pieds Nus, Lady MissMBA,La Petite Tartine and Amy Thomas

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04 July 2010

Meet the Bakers/Rencontrer les Patissiers: Lost in Cheeseland

Lindsey is a Philadelphia transplant in Paris, married to a Frenchman and a lover of baked goods. She is also the creator of Lost In Cheeseland, Musings on Food, Love, Life & Struggles in Paris, a travel-expat blog hybrid. Growing up her baking consisted mainly of taking Sara Lee's and Betsy Crocker's mixes and throwing them into the oven. Not very inventive. It wasn't until she moved to Paris that she started dabbling in the kitchen and found that she had more talent than she had imagined. She may not have a steady hand to pipe icing the way Little Miss Cupcake does (thanks Lindsey!), but she makes a mean zucchini bread! With Cupcake Camp she hopes to add cupcakes to her list of baking successes. She is honored to have been asked to be a celebrity judge and is looking forward to seeing (and tasting) some 1500 creations!

You can see what she plans on baking here! Don't those look delicious?! Yum!

Meet the Bakers/Rencontrer les Patissiers: Sophie

Sophie is 10-1/2 years old. She will be competing as one of our bakers under 16. Two of her favorite things in life are eating and baking. She's also passionate about animals and would like to be a veterinarian (or chef or hairdresser) one day. When she thinks about the earthquake in Haiti, she worries about all the animals.

Here she's baking up a batch of cupcakes to bring to Cupcake Camp tomorrow. No help from mom this time. When she realized that one stick of butter in France is twice the amount of one stick of butter called for in the US recipe she used, she worried that she'd have to start over. But the result is a winner and she's named them: Orange-Vanilla Butter Bombs. Isn't she a cutie? Looking forward to trying those Orange-Vanilla Butter Bombs!

03 July 2010

Our Sponsors/Nos Partenaires: Ratana

La marque Ratana s'est fixé l'objectif d'apporter aux utilisateurs débutants, amateurs et professionnels, des produits originaux, de qualité et au meilleur prix, destinés à l'activité manuelle créative couvrant plusieurs domaines d'activité tels que la décoration d'intérieur, la décoration de la table, la carterie créative et le scrap' déco et bien d'autres.

(Cupcake realisé par Little Miss Cupcake avec une couronne/caisette, papillons et strass par Ratana)

La marque a sélectionné pour vous des produits originaux, des design diversifiés, des thèmes qui collent aux tendances. Son offre couvre particulièrement les embellissements et les accessoires, ces incontournables alliés qui vous permettront de parfaire vos envies et de créer l'émotion auprès de votre entourage.

Quel que soit votre projet, qu'il s'agisse d'une pure création ou d'une customisation, vous trouverez votre inspiration avec nos produits et apporterez une touche créative et personnelle à vos réalisations. Alors venez découvrir un univers qui n'attend plus que vos mains pour donner forme à vos imaginations.

Merci a Ratana pour leur soutien de Cupcake Camp! On a 7 lots de leurs beaux produits a donner demain comme prix dans nos concours!

02 July 2010

The Cupcakes/Les Cupcakes

A little piece of advice for Sunday: you may want to skip breakfast and lunch to prepare yourself for what's in store at Cupcake Camp.....Here's the line-up of our over 1500 cupcakes:

Les gens, un petit conseil: arrivez affamé ce dimanche....Ce que vous attendez? Plus de 1500 cupcakes:

Lemon Meringue, Beauty Cakes
Banana-Peanut butter, Marshmallow, choc., Little Miss Cupcake
Carrot Cake with lime frosting, Elo les Cupcakes
Double Chocolate, JenCrafted
Cheesecake, Tea Cupcakes
Banana Nutella, Beauty Cakes
Gaga Cherry, Where is Bryan?
White Choc-Raspberry, I Love Cupcakes
Assorted, Synie's Cupcakes
Margarita, Wheels & Lollipops
Chocolate & Vanilla, Wendy & Sophie
Rose, Ricotta, Rasp., Frosted Envy
Saffron Pistachio with Pandanas, Frosted Envy
Pistachio-Rose, Mireille

Pistache Rasberry, Beauty Cakes
After Eight, Little Miss Cupcake
Toblerone, Beauty Cakes
Profiterole, Rebuilding Haiti Now
Assortment, Il Gelato
Carmelized banane and Chantilly, Elo les Cupcakes
Assorted, Synie's Cupcakes
Brownie-Raspberry Surprise, Lost in Cheeseland
Assorted, Wedding Cakes Avenue
Lemon Date, Where is Bryan?
Red, white & blue, Wheels & Lollipops
Verveine-Peach, Cafe Creme
Choco-Choco or Vanilla-Choc-Coco, Fabienne
Vanilla-Vanilla, Maxine
White Chocolate - Limoncello, Maxine

Chocolate Fennel, Sweet Pea Baking
Vanilla Speculoos, La Lettre Gourmande
Lemon Yogurt, JenCrafted
Cosmopolitan, Little Miss Cupcake
Coconut Bounty, Cupcakista
Carrot Cake, Mary
White chocolate blueberry, Cooking Chomp
Banana Nutella, Where is Bryan?
Almond Joy, Jenni Does Dessert
Smores, Jenni Does Dessert
Mango-Passion-Lemon, Claudia
Yellow Cake, Wheels & Lollipops
Chocolate, Rebecca
Watermelon Wasabi, Frosted Envy
Fig Lavender Honey with Goat Cheese, Frosted Envy
Chocolate-White Chocolate, Claudia

Green tea-white chocolate, Sweet Pea Baking
Red Velvet, Elo les Cupcakes
Rose-White Chocolate, Little Miss Cupcake
Speculoos, Cafe Creme
Chocolate Chesnut, La Lettre Gourmande
Strawberry Basalmic, Amanda
Coconut, I Love Cupcakes
Caffe Latte, Sylvie
Mango-White Chocolate-Coconut, Sylvie
Matcha - Cream Cheese, iPhood
Raspberry Ganache, iPhood
Poppy Seed, Me and my RC
Pecan-Maple, Cafe Creme

Dark Chocolate, Beauty Cakes
Strawberry-Orange-Lemon Curd, Little Miss Cupcake
Pandan Cupcakes, JenCrafted
Banana Spice, La Lettre Gourmande
Dulce de Leche, Tea Cupcakes
Chocolate Cookies, Sabrina & Agathe
Pineapple & Coconut, Where is Bryan?
Chocolate - Vanilla or Cafe, Laila
Fruit de la Passion-Choco, La Petite Tartine
Pina Colada, La Petite Tartine
Woodstock BN Fraise, Josephine
Red Velvet, Josephine
Cherry Almond, Cali Girl
4th of July, Cali Girl

Orange Nutella, Cooking Chomp
Toffee Caramel, Cali Girl
Chocolate Cherry, Cali Girl
Strawberry, Beauty Cakes
Lemon Meringue, Tea Cupcakes
100% Chocolat, Marwa
Almond Chocolate, Where is Bryan?
Mint-Chocolate Ganache, Where is Bryan?
Green Tea, Sabrina & Agathe
ExotiCup, Sabrina & Agathe
Rum, Coffee, Coconut, Severine
Cinnamon-Peanut Butter, Severine
Basil, Severine
Carrot Cake, Mon Ami Vie

01 July 2010

The Contests!/Les Concours!

Just tallying up the cupcakes and wanted to share with you some of the amazing, creative submissions we have had for the contests to whet your appetite!

First off though, a big thank you to our judges who will include: Lindsey of Lost in Cheeseland, Marie of MarieLUVPink, Ruthy of Beauty Cakes, Lynda of Wedding Cakes Avenue, Heather of Secrets of Paris, Jenny of Icing Works, Synie of Synie's Cupcakes and Bryan of Merce and the Muse!

And now for the entrants:

The Best of Paris/Le Best of Paris
Fig, Lavender, Honey, Goat's Cheese (Figue, Lavande, Miel et chevre)
Matcha Tea with White Chocolate Frosting (the matcha avec glacage au chocolat blanc)
Almond-Fleur d'Oranger (amandes-fleur d'oranger)
Profiterole Cupcake (profiterole)
Cupcakes Choco-Café (chocolate-cafe)

Most Exotic Ingredient/Le Plus Inattendu:

Lemon Date (citron-datte)
Basil (basilic)
Rum, Coffee, Coconut (rhum, cafe, noix de coco)
Guiness Kisses (Guinness)
Passion Paradise: Mango-Passion-Coconut-Lemoncurd (mangue-fruit de la passion- noix de coco-pâte à tartiner au citron)
Saffron-pistachio-screwpine flower (Saffron-Pistache-Pandan)
Coconut-Strawberry (Coco-Fraise)
Basil-Honey (Basilic-miel)
Screwpine flower (Pandan)
Chocolate-Fennel (chocolat-fenouil)
Bitter Chocolate-Raspberry-Tonka Bean (chocolat amer-framboises-feve de tonka)

The Most American/Le Plus Americain:
Chocolate-Almond-Marshamallow (chocolat-amandes-chamallow)
Red Velvet (rouge velours)
Chocolate Cupcakes (chocolat)
Cinnamon-Peanut Butter (cannelle-cacahuetes)
Banana-Marshmallow-Peanut Butter-Chocolate (banane-chamallow-beurre de cacahuetes-chocolat)
Red, white & blue (rouge, blanc, blue)

Summer-Inspired/Inspire par l'Ete:
Vanilla-Vanilla (vanille-vanille)
Banana-Vanilla-Coco (banane-vanille-coco)
"Iced" Mocha (mocha glacee)
Strawberry-Citrus-Lemoncurd (fraise-agrumes-pâte à tartiner au citron)
Sweet Thyming: Lemon-thyme, basil (citron-thym, basilic)
Eden: Mara des Bois (mara des bois)
Rose-Ricotta-Raspberry (rose-ricotta-framboise)
Tomato-Thyme (tomate-thym)
Apricot-Lavender (abricot-lavande)
Verveine-Peach (verviene-peche)

Pop Culture:
Oh Babouchka, Babouchki ya ya ! Chocolat fondant -Chocolat Blanc
Moulin Rouge
Pistache-Raspberry-Chocolat Blanc
Sex & the City; Cosmopolitan
Gaga for Cherry Pie
Woodstock: Tie-dye BN Fraise
When Harry Met Sally: Pecan-Maple Syrup
King of Pop aux 3 Chocolats

People's Choice/Choix de la Publique:
White Chocolate-Violet (chocolate blanc-violette)
White Chocolate-Limoncello (chocolate blanc-limoncello)
Pistachio (pistache)
Indulgent Salted Butter Caramel (caramel au beurre salee)
Guiness Kisses (Guiness)

I am just realizing (several hours after I posted this) that I didn't even talk to you about what these cupcakers are competing for. So without further ado, here are the prizes from our amazing sponsors:

6 baskets of baking supplies from Wilton which include a cake pan from their new line, a frosting gun, various sprinkles and cupcake wrappers. They are also providing a Wall-E baking kit for our young bakers.

6 baskets of baking supplies from ScrapCooking(R) including natural flavorings and food colors, cupcakes liners, assorted sprinkles and their Hello Kitty molds, lollipop sticks and baking papers.

7 baskets of scrapbooking and design products from Ratana.

A 30 euro gift certificate good for a future purchase on the My American Market site.

A picnic basket filled with items to create your own perfect parisian party including the book, "The Best Places to Kiss in Paris" from parisian events.

6 smoothie recipe books and assorted smoothies from innocent.

An assortment of cupcake liners, boxes and other supplies from Icing Works.

Le Best of Paris is offering up some baking chocolates from Christian Constant and a profile of the winner of the "Le Best of Paris" contest on their site.

La Cuisine Paris is offering 1 lucky winner the chance to teach a cupcake baking and decorating class in their professional kitchen.

We have several gift certificates from Paris cupcakers too including a free Savory Cupcake lunch for 2 from Synie's Cupcakes, a box of 6 free Beauty Cakes from Ruthy, and gift certificates good for free cupcakes from Cupcakes & Co.

Little Miss Cupcake is offering a gift pack of Hello, Cupcake! and What's New, Cupcake? cupcakes recipe & idea books.

And last but not least, our hosts, Bistrot Vivienne will be awarding the winner of the People's Choice contest a 1-month contract to sell that cupcake in their take-out store during the month of July!

Okay ladies and gentlemen, on your mark!....

Picture courtesy of clevercupcakes