26 June 2010

Meet the Bakers/Rencontrer les Patissiers: Me and My RC

Jill of Me and My RC wrote to us: I am a New Yorker transplanted to Paris while 5 months pregnant with my first baby. What was meant to be a one-year stint, has turned into 4 years and counting, and I am happily learning to convert American recipes into their French equivalents. I'm a muffin person at heart, but am always happy to dial it up for a cupcake! My hubbie sourced blue poppy seeds here in France while he was going through a huge Muffin-Man phase, and les graines de coquelicots are busting out of our cupboards so we figure these can be put these to good use as cupcakes, too. I had a dream last night that I attended Cupcake Camp and somehow I ended up making glazed donuts! (I won't let that happen). Like others in my position, I have a blog about notes on living in France; I average a post about 1.5x per month :), but am certain to include Cupcake Camp.

Thanks Jill and looking forward to seeing you and your cupcakes (but donuts will be welcome too!) on the 4th!

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