25 June 2010

Meet the Bakers/Rencontrer les Patissiers : Sweet Pea Paris

Alisa from Sweet Pea Baking wrote us: Cooking, baking, sharing delicious things has always made me very happy. Originally an artist & textile designer from Los Angeles, mother of 2, been living in Paris since 2002. I am a passionate cook and baker, in 2006 started “Sweet Pea Baking & Catering ” making American food & desserts; Author of the cookbooks “Cupcakes” and “Meringues” published by Marabout, (more on the way); and food stylist for those who will have me (Trish Deseine among others). I started “Sweet Pea Baking” in 2006 with this pledge: make the very best possible American baked goods & savory food you could ever imagine, and stay true to the real American taste. I’m a stickler (aka a pain in the...) about taste and quality.

We are looking forward to being WOWed by Alisa's Fennel & Chocolate cupcakes, and Green Tea cupcakes with White Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting. What originality!

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