26 June 2010

Meet the Bakers/Rencontrer les Patissiers: Jenni Does Dessert

Jenni who hails from Boston and now working in Paris write to us: I am a US Pastry chef, studied at Cambridge School of Culinary Arts in Cambridges, MA. I worked for Crema Cafe in Cambridge, MA, and Whole Foods Market in Boston, MA before leaving to come to Paris for the summer to work as an intern at Laduree. I also write a food blog chronicling my journey through culinary school and now my adventures in Paris. I'm a serious foodie who loves baking and cooking as well, but Pastry is my passion! I thought it would be fun to participate in cupcake camp and meet some other bakers in Paris.

Read more about Jenni and her culinary adventures on her blog: Jenni Does Dessert. And look for her at Cupcake Camp on the 4th -- she'll be bringing two very US-inspired flavored cupcakes including S'mores -- my fave!

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