29 June 2010

Meet the Bakers/Rencontrer les Patissiers: Cali Girl

Leesa writes us: "I'm a sunny So. Cali girl who has been baking since early childhood. Baking is one of my great passions in life. In fact, it's really an addiction, so I bake and give them away to anyone and everyone. This has helped me to make many friends all over France! Cupcakes are just one of the things I love to bake and it's something that everyone seems to L-O-V-E!"

I met Leesa online last year and it took us about 10 months of back and forth emails before we were finally able to get together! When we met, we decided to exchange cupcakes and I still think with great fondness of Leesa's Chocolate-Cherry Cupcakes -- so so good! I'm looking forward to seeing what Leesa brings us on the 4th but thank her in advance for agreeing to be our official Cupcake Camp Paris photographer! She is amazingly talented; you can check out some of her work on her blog. So if you see her making the rounds with her camera on Sunday, make sure to smile!

Leesa nous a ecrit: "Je suis une fille de la Californie de sud- où les rayons
de soleil sont éternel! Cuisiner c'est une de mes grandes passions de la vie!
En fait, c'est plutôt une addiction pour moi- Donc, je fait des gateaux de toutes sortes et aprés je les offre à n'importe qui et à tout le monde. Grâce à ça, j'ai
fait beaucoup d'amis partout en France! Les cupcakes sont juste une des choses que j'aime faire, et c'est quelque chose que tout le monde A-D-O-R-E!"

J'ai rencontre Leesa il y a un an sur l'internet - on partage une grande passion pour les cupcakes! La premiers fois nous sommes rencontrees dans la vie, elle m'a apporte des cupcakes chocolate avec coeur de cerises -- ils etaient tellement bons! Elle estr tres douee comme photographe (regardez son blog pour voir son travail). Elle est notre photograohe officielle pour Cupcake Camp donc si vous voyez Leesa vous approcher avec son appareil photo, soyez gentils et souriez!


  1. Awww... Thanks so much for the beautiful introduction, Cat!
    It's funny how it did seem to take us so long to meet in person, but we've established a very "special" cupcake-bonded friendship in the process...

    I know we've shared our stories together - both funny, and "not so" funny... and we've been a great support system for each other here in French! GO GO CUPCAKES!

    I'm very honored to be the "official photographer" for the event and I'm thoroughly looking forward to CCP and all the "sweetness" it has to offer...

    It will be great to see you again, after such a long time, and to meet all of the fantastic and enthusiastic bakers!!!

    Take care and see you on Sunday!!

  2. WOW .. that is sooooo amazing!!! Leesa's cupcakes are fab!!

    Leesa is very talented , I agree, and her photos are brilliant... She is one of my great friends in Paris :-)

  3. This is so nice to read about Leesa! I have just met her recently, but her spirit of sharing and caring for others shines through like a high beam! I am glad to know that she is friends with Little Miss Cupcake, whose blog I have enjoyed for months now. :)

    I hope for much success for the event!

  4. Yes, I agree...Leesa's cupcakes ROCK!

    And her flawless photos always make me want to reach inside and take a taste!

    Brava, Leesa!

    You GO, girl!

  5. I have long dreamed of meeting Leesa. And, oh how I would love to taste one of her gorgeous cupcakes. The Chocolate-Cherry Cupcakes sound amazing!! I can't wait to see what Leesa makes at the cupcake camp and all the photos!
    Happy baking!!!

  6. Love this Leese congrats!!!! xoxoxoxo

  7. OMGosh!!

    Thanks so much to everyone for leaving such lovely comments about me!! You guys are great--

    LBR--- One day... we'll meet!! I have confidence in that!! Can't wait to meet you, too!!

  8. Je confirme de très bon Cupcake miam miam

  9. These look beautiful and I sure they are divine !

  10. Leesa's baking is some of the BEST dessert I've ever had. I just wish I could fly from California 10 times a year to see Leesa again and taste her cupcakes.

    Gary in S.D.

  11. Hey wow! This is great! I'm so so so proud of you, dear Leesa!

  12. Congratulations on being featured here Leesa. I hope one day that I may have the opportunity to taste one of these famous cup cakes.