15 June 2010

Meet the Bakers/Rencontrer les Patissiers : Little Miss Cupcake

Cat Beurnier, better known as Little Miss Cupcake, hails from the cradle of cupcakes, New York City. She assumes the role of the original American cupcake baker in Paris since the dawn of the cupcake craze in 2008. And she fits it well. Her cupcakes, delightful little decorated gems, are as tasty as they are adorable, made with traditional American recipes.

While only available through online orders, Cat’s business has landed her a lot of press, events, and even a spot on a French TV show a few months back. On the TV spot, Cat did a cupcake presentation that was recorded and aired in front of an audience. When the host asked the audience if cupcakes would ever catch on, they all adamantly said “NO.”

Looks like they were wrong.

Cat’s peanut butter cupcakes hold a special place in many American’s hearts, but she also keeps it simple, selling more chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing than anything else. She has a mixed clientele of expats and Parisians and loves sharing her creations with all of them to see the different reactions.

Somewhere between TV appearances, high-end cupcake orders, raising two kids, and keeping her husband fed with red velvets and carrot cupcakes, Cat decided to organize Cupcake Camp Paris 2010. Look for Little Miss Cupcake’s mouth-watering selection of cupcakes at Bistro Vivienne on July 4th and let her know what you think about the event! (Thanks Bryan for writing such a nice "reportage" on yours truly!)


Cat Beurnier, alias Little Miss Cupcake, vient de New York, la capitale de cupcakes. Elle est la pâtissière originale de cupcakes américains à Paris depuis le début de cupcakes en 2008. Et elle la mérite bien. Ses cupcakes sont des petits plaisirs qui ont un gout qui est aussi bon que leur décor. Et elle n’utilise que des recettes américaines.

Vendus en ligne, ses cupcakes ont garni plein de presse, des événements, et même une démonstration sur une émission française il y a quelques mois. Pendant l’émission Cat a parlé des cupcakes pendant un clip préenregistré. Quand le clip a terminé l’annonceur a demandé si la Franca allait accueillir des cupcakes et ils ont tous dit « non ».

Ah bon ???

Ses cupcakes au beurre de cacahuète sont mythiques pour certains Américains, mais elle reste souvent dans les plus simples. Elle dit qu’elle vend plus de ses cupcakes chocolats avec glaçage vanille que des autres. Elle vend ses créations aux expats et aux Français elle adore leurs réponses différentes.

Entre ses apparences sur la télé, ses commandes multiples, ses deux enfants, et son mari qui anticipe toujours le prochain cupcake, elle a décidé d’organiser le premier Cupcake Camp à Paris. Little Miss Cupcake va bien sur apporter des petits bonheurs au Bistro Vivienne le 4 juillet, donc il faut les gouter et dire à Cat ce que vous pensez de l’événement ! (Merci a Bryan de ces tres gentils petits mots pour moi!)


  1. LOVE the puppycakes!! Now I'll just have to figure out how you can cupcakize my Freya :)

  2. YAYYYY-- Three cheers for Cat-- HIP HIP HORRAY!! HIP HIP HORRAY!! HIP HIP HORRAY!!!!

    Bryan, this is a beautiful write up for a lovely lady who makes cupcakes extra special- Cat, you're TOP!!! I can't wait to participate in Cupcake Camp Paris and thanks SOOOO much for organizing this!

    Take care,

  3. Good for you, after redaing your blog all the PR you get I applaud.

  4. Ah, thanks you guys for your very kind words!