28 June 2010

Meet the Bakers/Rencontrer les Patissiers: Laila

I'm a Norwegian-American global citizen....born in Africa, resident of multiple continents through my youth & finally settled in the States for just enough time to enjoy the much appreciated education system, meet the love of my life, work my first job & then jet off to Paris in search of our French destiny....which has become for LIFE :) After ten years in Paris, working and living la vie Parisienne, the addition to our family of a character filled Parson-Russell Terrier led us to buy a house and property west of Paris not far from the medieval town of Le Mans (better known for it's 24-hour car race!).

Now we split our time between a studio in Paris--where we feed our foodie and cosmopolitan tendencies, and our principal residence, a 200+ year old house and grange renovation project with six acres of bucolic, zen inducing property--where we also feed our foodie tendencies, but with the new found knowledge of raw, wholesome, home-grown ingredients! Nothing surpasses the flavour where all the fresh ingredients are picked off your own land (or that of generous neighbours with eggs, cheese, milk & more!), and we are enjoying being ruined forever by the exquisite tastes we encounter. A puppy-cat (rescued kitty raised by our pup) named Josie and a terrorier (misspelling intended!) named Freya keep us running to burn off all those calories...and exploring a whole new France.

Cooking and baking since the age of, as long as I can remember, influences from my Norwegian grandmother, genetic gourmet inheritance from my Dad & a general love of anything from anywhere that tastes delicious is all it took for me to happily partake in Cupcake Camp Paris! What better way to tastily discover new inspiration for cupcake tastes to impress, flabbergast and amuse our local country neighbours and friends, who have courageously spread their wings in the world of culinary education since we arrived, dining chez la Maison M-J :)

Looking forward to finally meeting you in-person, Laila!

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